We are an organization committed to improving workplaces. We believe that principles of faith can transform organizations of all types so that diversity and inclusion are embedded into the fabric, the culture is positive and purposeful, and employees feel engaged and developed. These principles solve the problems of talent attraction, employee engagement, development of future leaders and the retention of top performers. Employees who feel they can bring their authentic selves to work also deliver better results for the organization.

We focus on the following Christian values, which are directly applicable to workplaces:

  • Love your neighbor
  • Excellence in your effort
  • Integrity in your work
  • Inclusion of all people
  • Leadership development

We have nearly 20 years of experience assisting organizations with challenges around creating an inclusive culture. We are excited to help you improve your work environment so that employees can reach their full potential and your organization can flourish.  For organizations and individuals who want to go deeper, this can include training on faith and work integration, the theology of work, and the formation of Christian employee resource groups or affinity groups. All of this can be accomplished without alienating employees of other faith traditions, as we truly want to love our neighbors in all respects.

Julia Oltmanns, Principal

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