Who Are We?

Several years ago, God began preparing me to impact the marketplace in a different way. He began preparing me to dedicate my career, my gifts and my experience to building His kingdom here on earth. For nearly 20 years, I have worked as an HR and employment law attorney for corporations. In that role, I’ve been a key advisor on diversity and inclusion efforts, employee engagement initiatives, culture transformations and leadership development activities. But I never saw much progress until I helped to found and lead a Christian employee resource group in our large, public company. We taught about faith and work integration, and we espoused Christian principles of Love, Integrity, Excellence, Inclusion, Connection, Leadership, Collaboration, and Service. The response from employees was incredible. When they felt they were able to bring their whole selves to work, including their faith, employees felt more engaged, more loyal, more diligent in their work. They truly felt as if their work was a form of worship to the Lord.

Because of my employment law background, I was able to navigate concerns that certain employee groups would feel excluded or offended by our actions. We put in place a framework to ensure that every employee in the company knew that we valued diversity and inclusion, even diversity of faiths. We encouraged the formation of employee resource groups based on other faith traditions and offered to mentor them in the creation and establishment phases.

I want to bring this transformational change to other organizations. I truly believe that nearly every organization could be prosperous if they base their operations on Christian values. I want to be your trusted counselor, your thought-partner, your strategic advisor, helping you to navigate this important area of faith and work integration within your organization. The marketplace is ripe for the harvest, and God is calling us to be His workers.

Julia Oltmanns, Executive Director

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